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Our New Schedule: How Students Feel

By Jackie Neice

Morning meeting, 80-minute blocks, science for half the year and social studies the other. These are some of the changes to our middle school schedule this year. Students have mostly positive reactions, but some can disagree.

What changes you might ask? Now, students in grades five through eight have double periods for social studies and science. This means that for the first two marking periods, half of each grade has two full periods of science every day, for 80 minutes, and the other half has social studies. Last year, students had science and social studies every day for 40 minutes each.

This greatly reduces the amount of homework that we used to have, and helps a lot for those of us who have sports. When questioned about the positive effects, eighth grader Keyli Ramirez stated, “It’s easier to do my homework even when I have after school sports.” Read more

Club Corner

By Nora Gregory

Welcome to Club Corner. Are you ready to join Bradley Beach clubs? BBES has many amazing clubs that are just right for you. If you are interested, join some and have some fun during and after school.

A great club for you may be the Drama Club. They meet in the auditorium after school. This club is starting in only a few weeks. One of the many amazing teachers in this school helps with the play — Mrs. Zaccaro. These plays are a fun way to practice singing, dancing, and presenting. Every year, Mrs. Zaccaro picks out a play and you get to be a part of it. There were many different fun plays like The Bandstand and Dear Edwina. Be ready for an awesome year. Maybe you could join the show!

The environment is one of the most important things in the world. Do you care about the environment? Well if you do come on over to the Environmental Club. In this special club you will learn about environmental changes, and at the end of the year you will go on a field trip. In this club you will do public speaking, beach sweeps, and participate in many celebrations. This year Miss Ross and Mrs. Wilson are hosting. Last year the Environmental Club made a video about recycling which is very popular in Bradley Beach. See it here. The club usually meets on Fridays before school at 8 am.
Read more

Food, Suds, and Teamwork at the Car Wash

By Heidi Ruiz Otero

On September 28th, the 8th graders of BBES rolled up their sleeves and washed some cars to raise money for their Eighth Grade Washington trip. Eighth graders and many parents were there helping out and having a huge blast! Mr Leprotto was also there playing some upbeat music.

Not only did the 8th grade just wash cars, the parents made and sold some delicious Mexican food like jello with the colors of the Mexican flag, chamoy y piña (a sweet and spicy sauce over pineapple chunks), chips, ice cream pops, soda, and water. The car wash was located in front of the school, where the little kids playground is.

Students were divided into four groups, working the soap and sponge station, the hosing station, the drying station, and lastly the sign station — advertising the car wash.

This year the car wash was divided into shifts. Brenda Lowe and Stephanie DeAngelis McAnee were both in charge of the car wash. They both also checked if students came to their shift. Read more

Scarecrows Bring Smiles


By Yazmin Flores

A BBES soccer player, a Day of the Dead girl, and a scientist were some of the imaginative and creative scarecrows made by our students and featured in Riley Park this Halloween.

This year, the Bradley Beach Recreation Department and the Bradley Beach Parent Teacher Organization sponsored a Halloween scarecrow contest.   Read more

Dear Iyanna: Advice From Our Columnist

Dear Iyanna,

Every day in class my friend keeps distracting me. What do I do?


Tryna work

Dear Tryna,

I have some experience in this department because when I was younger, I talked a lot more than I do now, Impressive, I know. If you have assigned seats, you could talk with the teacher about your seating arrangements. And if you don’t have assigned seats try telling your friend that you need to focus. If they really care, they won’t be offended that you’ve changed your seat. But the power of best friends is very strong, so make sure to resist the urge to learn how sign fluently just to talk to each other.

Dear Iyanna,

Every day after school my mom asks me to babysit and it’s starting to feel like I have no life, help!



Dear Cinderella,

I realize it may be hard, but your mom is busy and she needs your help. Try taking care of her on the weekdays and scheduling time with your friends on the weekends. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. My friends and I usually just go to a park or walk around town. Maybe even try getting a little allowance for all that work and start a little business.

Dear Iyanna,

My friend is ignoring me and we don’t hang out anymore. Why?



Dear Confused,

If you realize your friend is ignoring you, and you were really close, try and talk to them. Ask them what’s going on. If the answer is positive and you guys start hanging out again, just be careful. But if they ignore you or say something like “Of course we’re still friends,” and keep ignoring you, think about moving on. It stinks, but losing friends is a part of life. But so is making them.

Dear Iyanna,

How do I keep my patience?



Dear Restless,

I have problems keeping my patience, and I have found that breathing exercises do tend to help. And as cliche as it may sound, happy, peaceful thoughts keep the mind calm. Also make sure to be more understanding of people and take five steps back before reacting to someone so you don’t say something you will regret.



Book Swap Bonanza

BridgeofBooksPhoto courtesy of Alisa Guzzi

The first ever BBES “book swap” was held during Night at the Museum on April 12. Students chose from a large selection of books to take home and keep. It was like a Scholastic book fair, but free! Thank you to our reading specialist Mrs. Guzzi for organizing this wonderful event. The Bridge of Books Foundation donated 400 chapter books, and teachers and students donated many more.

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