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The Young YouTubers of BBES

By Raul Gregory, Student Life Editor

Surfing, trap music, and video games are some of the specialities of the young YouTubers of BBES. In this article, find out about three of our up and coming YouTubers, and get their links.

First check out “DEVIN WIGGINS,” the channel made by eighth grader — you guessed it — Devin Wiggins. It focuses on trap music, which is a hip hop music sub-genre that originated during the 1990s in the South. Devin, who takes his music career very seriously, loves the art form, and has always enjoyed music. He has been making and singing songs ever since he was a little boy. His music varies from a calm, slow tune to a fast-paced, heart-racing beat. His YouTube channel, which currently has 10 subscribers, consists of 34 videos that I really suggest you go check out. His songs are all original and were made using the Soundtrap app. Devin has always said that if you keep trying, all of that work will pay off.  All in all, Devin’s YouTube channel is really great if you want to listen to a diverse collection of songs. I really would suggest you go check it out here. Read more

Dear Raul



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Guest hosted this issue by Lucas Davis, News Editor


Dear Raul,

My friend keeps on breaking my trust. They constantly tell my secrets to other people, and I don’t appreciate it. I try to separate myself from them, but they apologize and then do it all over again. It is just a repeating cycle. What should I do?



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