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Student Council Elections Tomorrow!

By Max Gast

The Student Council elections are tomorrow, and since the candidates gave their speeches Wednesday, it’s the perfect time for us to fill you in. Maybe you’ve seen a poster or two, or even one ended up on your locker. Nevertheless, here’s everything you need to know about who’s running this election season.

This year’s elections are different because students who win these elections (for positions in grades five to eight) will be sworn in next year. This means eighth graders can’t vote, and fourth graders can run.

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Is Green-and-Gold Gone?

By Lillian McClaren

Are the Bradley Beach Elementary School colors — green and gold — changing to blue and white? A lot of people have been asking. Well, here are some perspectives from three top people who know:

Liza Flynn, school board member

I know there has been a lot of confusion about the school colors. I am wearing the blue BBES shirt as I am writing this. Historically BBES has used green and gold as its colors. We are called The Breakers like the wave, but waves are blue and white. As for right now, we will be changing everything except for the athletic uniforms to the color blue. The reason that the sports teams are staying green and gold is because it would be very expensive to buy new uniforms all at once. We would also have to pay to have the entire gym repainted. To answer your question, green and gold is here to stay … for athletics, at least, for now.”

Morgan Maclearie-Gonzalez, director of curriculum and instruction:    

 “Not 100% there. The website reflects the colors in our logo! Do you like them?”

(What I said was, “Yes they look great!”)

Alison Zylinski, supervisor of special services:

“Good question!!  I do not think there has been a direct statement indicating our colors are changing, but our adoption of our blue-colored BBES logo was probably the start of the ‘wave’ of changing our colors. Pun intended.  Although, to fully change the school colors requires many resources, such as money and time, as our whole gym is gold & green and sports uniforms are gold & green. Our new colors would be light blue/blue/white if the change is made officially. Right now I like to think we are honoring both color patterns.  Hope this helps!”

So you heard it here: green and gold are here to stay, along with blue and white, (for now).

More than a Secretary: A Profile of the Amazing Miss Ramirez

By Hans Weber

Oliva Herrera, a mother of three, needed help with completing legal documents. She couldn’t think of anyone who could walk her through the process, especially since all the documents were in English, not Mrs. Herrera’s native Spanish. Suddenly, she remembered Ruth Ramirez, the friendly, bilingual school secretary who is a Mexican immigrant, like her.

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Maritime Forest Dedicated to Former Mayor

By Evan Hofsess

Photo courtesy of Amy Hall, director of tourism for Bradley Beach

As you walk into the Maritime Forest, you hear the birds chirping, the frogs croaking, and the bushes rustling beside you. You hear the crunch of broken seashells, and smell the perfume of the beach and the ocean.

Tomorrow morning, Bradley Beach officials will dedicate this special place at the southern end of the Bradley Beach boardwalk to the late mayor Julie Schreck. Her vision helped transform this former parking lot and storage area into a natural buffer with many environmental benefits. Ms. Schreck was mayor from 2008-2012, and died in 2014.

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Help The Hungry Without Leaving Home!

By Kimberly Jimenez-Rojas

About a year ago when the pandemic started, the community came together to donate hundreds of boxes of food to the Bradley Food Pantry by placing their donations on their front porch. This Saturday, March 27th, from 11AM to 2PM, the Bradley Beach Fire Department, Bradley Beach First Aid and other volunteers will do it again, driving around town collecting food donations for the food pantry.

Residents are asked to leave items on their front porches for pickup. It couldn’t be easier. If you are not a resident and would like to drop off on the 25th, you may do so at the Fire Department from 11AM to 4PM. See the flyer below for most needed items.

The Bradley Food Pantry, founded in 1982, serves more than 750 families a month in Asbury Park, Avon-By-The-Sea, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Lake Como, Neptune, Neptune City, Ocean Grove, Ocean Township, Tinton Falls, and Wall Township.

Flyer courtesy of Bradley Beach Business Community Alliance

They Speak for the Trees: Shade Tree Commission Sponsors Art Contest

By Emely Herrera Montoya

During a pandemic, art class can be very challenging and different, but Mrs. Dizefalo never fails to make class fun. This year, grades five through eight are eligible to enter a contest to design an image for the Bradley Beach Shade Tree Commission’s promotional items.

Middle School students are drawing trees and/or leaves to represent the Bradley Beach Shade Tree Commission. The winner of the contest will get their drawing design printed onto tote bags for the community. I got the chance to interview Summer Deaver, one of the organizers of the Bradley Beach Shade Tree Commission, who came up with the idea for the contest, via email. These were her responses:

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Town Supports Cinema Reboot

By Evan Hofsess

Big changes could be in store for the Bradley Beach Showroom Cinema, the beloved movie theater which has entertained residents for more than 100 years but has been closed since last spring due to the pandemic.

 At the most recent Bradley Beach Council Meeting on February 9, the council passed a resolution to support the purchase and renovation of the cinema by Cinema Labs, a group of film industry investors which is planning to expand and reopen the theater as “The Bradley” this summer with a musical theater, a cocktail lounge, and three movie screens.

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Pandemic Transforms BBES Life

By Allison Herrera Montoya and Nancy Martinez Yanez

Each morning at 8:35 a.m., teachers and administrators come out and take students’ temperatures before we enter the school building. We stand in circles painted on the playground six feet apart, near the rest of our homeroom class. We wear masks. If it rains or it is too cold, they take our temperatures at the door.

Inside, we sit behind plastic desk shields, keep social distance, and remain with our homeroom classes all day. We do not use lockers. The gym and the playground are empty, except for when they are used for 10-minute mask breaks. There are no class trips (including the Eighth Grade Washington trip), no assemblies, no sports, and only virtual clubs.

The virus COVID-19, which was first reported in early January 2020, has not only affected the USA but the world. It has taken the lives of 1.9 million people globally, about 360,000 in the United States. Due to this pandemic, unfortunately, some adults have lost their jobs, which lead to losing their homes. In the week of April 12-18 2020, about 4.4 million people were unemployed. 

Here at BBES, the pandemic has transformed school in many different ways.

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