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Just a Fluke: Everything You Need to Know About Catching the Delicious Fish

Going Fishing


Jackson Forman

By Jackson Forman

Fluke, AKA Summer Flounder, is a flat fish that roams the waters of the East Coast. Delicious to eat and easy to catch, they have strange anatomy. One side is brown, and one side is white. When they are younger, they have one eye on each side, and when they get older, the eye on the white side shifts to the brown side. 

In order to catch fluke, you will need some specific equipment. I will link all of the gear. And, of course, you will need some bait. I know that a lot of pros use Berkley Gulp! I personally use it because it is strong, affordable, and the fish love it.

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Cheerleaders Fly High

By Molly Flynn

Have you ever seen high-flying, confident BBES cheerleaders? This year’s cheer team was super-duper fun and engaging. In my opinion, halftime was the most entertaining and exceptional part. In this article, I will do a Q&A with some captains, newcomers, and coaches. But first, let me give you some information on what the cheer team is about and who’s in it.

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Soccer Players Start as Strangers, End as Team

By Jordyn DeJesus and Isabella Nieves

With two wins and five losses, it was a great season for the girls’ soccer team under Coach Courtney Hammell this year. 

One highlight of the season was going against Deal. We played  7 v. 7 then went to 6 v. 6, on a  12 v. 12 field. We did this because Deal only had 7 players and then one got hurt, so we had to play 6 v. 6. It was the first home game and was very challenging at first.  The girls worked hard, came together, and pushed through it, and with that hard work, we won our first game of the season.  

The score was 2-1. Haryzmar Ramirez Montoya scored the first goal to tie the game and Isabella Nieves scored the winning goal! 

When asked, “What was your favorite thing about the season?” Ms. Hammell said, “ We were able to have the soccer season this year and have everybody on the team since we weren’t able to have it last year.”

This year the soccer team had 13 girls. In 7th grade we had Aubrey Maher, Isabella Nieves, Allison Herrera Montoya, and Nancy Martinez Yanez.

In 6th grade, we had  Haryzmar Ramirez Montoya, Jordyn DeJesus, Mylee Martinez, Sofia Maffet, and Andrea Garcia-Aguilar.

 In 5th grade, we had Nora Weber, Arlett Ramirez Montoya, Kayley Kremen, and Teagan Caldwell. Unfortunately, no 8th graders joined this year.    

This season we came in barely knowing each other. We were like strangers. But by our second or third game, we got really close and got to know everyone. We worked as a team to our full potential, and even though we lost, we still had fun.

Breakers Roll Rough, Make it to Playoffs

By Joshua Nesheiwat

In this year’s 2019-2020 boys basketball season, we were able to witness some pretty hyped events. The team, consisting of four eighth graders, four seventh graders, and four sixth graders, climbed through the division through harsh and challenging opponents to secure a spot in the finals. Coached by none other than the legendary Paul Mulligan with his son James Mulligan, who sure hasn’t fallen far from the tree, the boys worked hard to fulfill the role of the mighty Breakers.

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Staying Cheer-ful

By Emely Herrera-Montoya and Mairelys Ramirez Montoya 


Although this year’s cheerleading season was cut short, it was so fun while it lasted!

 With 22 cheerleaders, this was the largest squad we’ve ever had at BBES. We had five captains: Gerlinde Dunnican, Ashley O’Neill, Lizbeth Quiroz, Jennifer Martinez, and Brenda Herrera. Read more

Girls’ Soccer Season Shines

By Emely Herrera-Montoya and Mairelys Ramirez Montoya


With five wins and seven losses, it was a great season for the girls’ soccer team under coaches Morgan Maclearie and Courtney Hammell. One highlight of the season came in a game against HW Mountz (the undefeated team) in our league. It was 3-2 and it was a tough game as we only lost by one goal. Marielys Ramirez scored one goal and Ella Minsky came with the second goal!

There were 15 girls on the team. In eighth grade were Claire Cooperman, Jackie Niece, Ella Minsky, Nora Gregory, Genesis Pimentel, Lizbeth Quiroz, and Celian Torres. 

“It’s going to be a huge loss next year without our eighth-graders,” said Miss Maclearie. “Most have played for us since fifth grade! The younger players have some big shoes to fill once they graduate.” Read more

Cheer Team Reaches New Heights at MCAL

By Emely Hernandez Aparicio and Emely Herrera Montoya, guest reporters.

“Woohoo!” roared the crowd.

This year’s 2019 Cheerleading Exhibition was a success for the BBES Cheerleaders. This year, only seven schools participated in the MCAL Cheering Exhibition: Antrim, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Brielle, Manasquan High School, Neptune, and St.Catharine’s. We had four captains: Audra Lowe, Alexandra Zarate, Heidi Ruiz, and Roselyn Herrera. It took Mrs. Morder one and a half months to choreograph the dance. Read more

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