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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rise!

By Zamantha Muñoz-Morales

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the movie, went streaming on Netflix on August 5, 2022. Directed by creators of the show, Ant Ward and Andy Suriano, with all of the returning cast members such as Ben Schwartz, Omar Benson, Josh Brener, and Brandon Mychal Smith, this movie is supposedly the final installment of this incarnation of the turtles. The big question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s next for Rise?”

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A Fan’s Guide to Stranger Things

By Olivia Bagdanov

Imagine biking home with your friend. He challenges you to a race, so you go ahead just to be greeted by a seven-foot-tall dark shadow that takes you away into a different dimension.

Have you watched the top 10 rated shows on Netflix, Stranger Things? This popular show just had a season 4, which came out on May 27, 2022. Not so long after that, part two of season 4 came out. Stranger Things has a total of 34 episodes.

The show is about four young boys who find a girl in the woods. Little do they know she has psychokinetic and telepathic powers. Not so long after finding her, they discover a portal to a different dimension that has monsters and dangerous vines like in Dungeons and Dragons, a board game that the boys play. 

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Why Does Everybody Love Harry Styles?

By Kayleigh Cook

Twenty-six-year-old singer-songwriter Harry Edward Styles entered the music scene 10 years ago, and since then has been the person most moms, sisters, and maybe even ELA teachers keep gushing about. But, It’s not for no reason. Harry Styles is a good-natured person who makes stellar, enjoyable music.

Harry Styles was born February 1, 1994, in Redditch, England, to landlady Anne Twist and finance worker Desmond “Des” Styles. At only 16, Styles went on the TV show X-Factor UK and sang Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister.” Simon Cowell, one of the judges, wasn’t too impressed, but gave Styles a second chance and asked him to sing acapella. Styles made the quick decision to belt out Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” The audition went well, obviously, and he was paired with four other European teens  (Nial Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik) to form one of the best-selling boy bands, One Direction. Sadly, One Direction went on an indefinite hiatus in January 2016, but Harry Styles still continued down the yellow brick road of fame.

Though he is most known for his compelling music, Styles is also known for his fearless experimentation with clothing and fashion. In December 2020, Styles was displayed on the front page of Vogue magazine rocking a black Gucci jacket and blue dress. This moment makes Harry the first ever solo man on Vogue cover in all of the magazine’s 127-year history. 

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The Owl House: A Review

By Elizabeth Peña Martinez

You all know about those fantasy stories where the main character lives in a magical world and defeats wizards and witches, like  Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Ever After HighShera and the Princess, etc. Well, this one is different. It is so peculiar that it is not to be believed. It seems like a dream. If this has caught your attention, please continue reading.

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Halo Infinite: A Review

By Max Gast

On November 15, 2001, more than 20 years ago, the original Xbox came out. It didn’t have much going for it. The Nintendo GameCube was coming out only three days later, and Sony’s PlayStation 2 was thrashing the market, already wiping out the Sega Dreamcast, the last ever Sega console. At the time, the PlayStation 2 was the cheapest DVD player on Earth and most people bought it for that reason. The Xbox couldn’t play DVD’s but there was one game that was released with the console that helped them tremendously. 

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Top Marks for “My Hero Academia”

By Elizabeth Peña

When I saw some kids at school wearing t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even a backpack from the anime show My Hero Academia, I thought it might be worth checking out. Then I discovered that the Bradley Beach Public Library has the manga series. Manga is the name for action Japanese graphic novels that are read from back to front. As you probably know, anime is the animated version. The manga is almost always better than the anime. And My Hero Academia did not disappoint.

My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi has 29 books in total in Japan and 26 books here in America. The main character’s name is Izuku Midoriya, but you’ll see that the characters call him Deku. He is 14 years old at the beginning and 16 where it leaves off. He will continue growing until the series ends. He is born in a futuristic world where 80 percent of the population have these powers named “quirks,” which are just super powers. There are three types — transformation, which changes the person by will; mutant, which are permanent transformations; and emitter, which let you create stuff. 

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Duck Tales (Woo-oo!)

By Sullivan Johnson

Get ready for some laughs, it’s time for DuckTales! 

DuckTales is a hilarious show for all ages, featuring Scrooge McDuck, his nephews, Huey, Dewey, Louie Duck, and Donald Duck, including new characters like Della Duck, Mrs. Beakley, Webby Vanderquack, and Launchpad McQuack. This show is a remake of the one from the 1980’s. I would recommend this show for people who like cartoons — 11 stars.

Della, Dewey, and Donald sometimes say “aw fooie,” which I think is funny. In one of the episodes, Donald kept on punching and kicking himself because a bug was inside his clothes. The storyline is that a bunch of the characters go on adventures. DuckTales fans will get a season finale in 2021. All in all, DuckTales is one the best shows ever.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Updates: Something to Look Forward To!

By Sullivan Johnson and Vincent Bianchi

Axolotl, stalagmites, frightening mobs, and magic plants will be some of the new additions to the world of Minecraft this summer in a caves and cliffs update that lots of people are talking about.

According to, Mojang announced the updates in October at a Minecraft Live event. Mojang is the company that launched Minecraft in 2009.

Here is what we know: 

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Playstation or Xbox? A complete Review of The Next-Gen Consoles

By Max Gast

As some of you guys might know, the next generation of console gaming is upon us.

What does that mean? There’s a new generation of consoles on the market that are more powerful with faster hardware, better graphics, and other innovations that make older models seem way less interesting. 

The competitors in the ring this year are, as always, Sony and Microsoft. With the Xbox Series X and S on Microsoft’s side and the PlayStation 5 on Sony’s. This review will be split into two parts: pre-release and post-release, this is because as of writing this paragraph it is Nov. 3, 2020, and the consoles come out Nov 10 (XSX) and 12 (PS5) Anyway, let’s get on to the basics.

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