Raves for Kalahari: A Waterpark Review

By Molly Flynn

Have you ever wanted to visit a fantastic waterpark? Or an amazing arcade? You should go to the Kalahari Hotel in the Poconos. The resort is named for the desert in Southern Africa known for its wildlife, which is pretty ironic because Kalahari (the region) is a desert and doesn’t have much water. I will review the shops, food, waterpark, arcade, and more.

One of my favorite parts of Kalahari was all the shops. My favorite was the grocery store.  It had all types of fresh food like muffins, coffee, and other baked goods. It also stocked some of my favorite candies like Lindt Chocolate, Trolli gummies, and Starbursts. Of course, you can find staples like milk, eggs, sugar, and bread. Lastly, it offered cool merchandise like hoodies, hats, and shirts.

Another highlight of Kalahari is the superb food. They have a delicious Italian restaurant called Sortino’s. Some of the best food there is the crunchy bruschetta and the soft onion bread. Another fantastic thing there is the food near the arcade. They have delectable wings and fries. My favorite wings are the spicy, hot, crispy buffalo wings.

The waterpark is the main attraction of Kalahari. It has some killer rides. My favorite was the Screaming Hyena. You go into a purple tube and on the count of three, it drops you. It’s so fun, but water does go up your nose. Another very fun ride (considered the scariest ride) is the Wild Wildebeest. You go into a clover tube and then it lifts you ten feet on a ring that is sideways. This is one I haven’t gone on because it was closed, but the first VR waterslide is in Kalahari. Lastly, there was the Smoke That Thunders. It is one of the most thrilling rides there! It does three drops, then it brings you into a vast opening, and you rock back and forth.

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2020 Election: The Tea

By Sherlyn Osorio, news editor

With less than a year to go before the next presidential election, a lot of candidates are working hard to become the new face of America and capture the attention, money, and votes of the American public. Here at Bradley Beach Elementary School, students are curious about what exactly is going on with the race.

 “There are a lot of new people, especially that dude with the really long name. I really like him,” said Henry Lleyva, an eighth-grader. 

Henry was talking about Pete Buttigieg ( pronounced boot-edge-edge). He is running to become the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election. Whoever wins the Democratic party nomination (during a series of primary elections between February and June) will have the opportunity to run against President Donald Trump, who is seeking a second term. (More about that later).

According to a recent Quinnipiac University Poll, the four current frontrunners are former vice president Joe  Biden, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Bernie Sanders. (A poll is a survey of a sample of people who answer questions, sometimes over the telephone.) Read more

Student Council Elections Tomorrow!

By Max Gast

The Student Council elections are tomorrow, and since the candidates gave their speeches Wednesday, it’s the perfect time for us to fill you in. Maybe you’ve seen a poster or two, or even one ended up on your locker. Nevertheless, here’s everything you need to know about who’s running this election season.

This year’s elections are different because students who win these elections (for positions in grades five to eight) will be sworn in next year. This means eighth graders can’t vote, and fourth graders can run.

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Just a Fluke: Everything You Need to Know About Catching the Delicious Fish

Going Fishing


Jackson Forman

By Jackson Forman

Fluke, AKA Summer Flounder, is a flat fish that roams the waters of the East Coast. Delicious to eat and easy to catch, they have strange anatomy. One side is brown, and one side is white. When they are younger, they have one eye on each side, and when they get older, the eye on the white side shifts to the brown side. 

In order to catch fluke, you will need some specific equipment. I will link all of the gear. And, of course, you will need some bait. I know that a lot of pros use Berkley Gulp! I personally use it because it is strong, affordable, and the fish love it.

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Will This be Ms. Acerra’s Last Washington Trip?

By Leah Twerell

Ever since Ms. Acerra, the middle school social studies and civics teacher, told some of us last year that she would be stepping down from her long-time position as organizer of the eighth grade Washington D.C. trip, we have been speculating: Is this Ms. Acerra’s last Washington trip?

If you want to know the answer, keep reading this Q&A with Ms. Acerra … 

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Dancing in the Parade

By Molly Flynn

The streets lined with thousands of people, fire trucks honking, everyone celebrating the one and only St. Patrick. The Belmar St. Patrick’s Day is a fun parade celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. This year was their 50th Anniversary. Also this year, my dance school (The D’arcy School of Irish Dance) opened the parade and marched in it. Now let me tell you about the history of this parade. 

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“Midnights”: A Music Review

By Kayleigh Cook

 Taylor Swift recently released her tenth studio album, Midnights, on October 21. She announced the album on August 28 during her acceptance speech for “Video of the Year” at the 2022 VMAS. These songs have exceeded the expectations of most and they even took up the top 13 spots on the Billboard Hot 100. Behind each masterpiece of a song, there is a genius set of lyrics revolving around different sleepless nights throughout the songwriter’s life. Many people have attempted to decode the song’s cryptic lyrics and figure out the bigger meaning behind them. In this article, I will share with you my interpretation of each song.

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The Last of Us: Spoiler-Free Review

By Max Gast

On January 15, 2023, one of the most anticipated media adaptations of any video game ever came out. The Last of Us, based on the award-winning video game and its sequel, aired on HBO Max. It’s been the most talked-about show of the year so far.

The original Last of Us was a Playstation-exclusive video game released on June 14, 2013, to rave reviews, including a 9.7/10 on IMDb, which makes it third place in the video games section on the site. It eventually became a best-seller and since has been declared one of the greatest video games to ever be released.

The show was a smash hit with 4.7 million viewers watching the pilot, and 8.2 million watching the ending. Along with that, the game has been having a healthy resurgence.

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Cheerleaders Fly High

By Molly Flynn

Have you ever seen high-flying, confident BBES cheerleaders? This year’s cheer team was super-duper fun and engaging. In my opinion, halftime was the most entertaining and exceptional part. In this article, I will do a Q&A with some captains, newcomers, and coaches. But first, let me give you some information on what the cheer team is about and who’s in it.

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M&M’s: Marketing Stunt or Killing the Brand?

By Zamantha Muñoz-Morales

If there’s one candy that has made a name for itself over the years, it would be M&M’s. These chocolates aren’t really anything special since they’re just candy-coated milk chocolate circles. The real gold, and probably what makes the candies sell, are the mascots. That’s right! The famous walking and talking M&M’s candies that you’ll most likely see on television ads. Many people have seen these mascots. However, at the end of 2022, things started to go downhill, and only downhill. There was so much controversy regarding the changes made to the M&M’s mascots that it led to an indefinite pause from the spokescandies. Should we not expect to see them anytime soon or if this is just a marketing stunt? Before we can answer, let’s start at the beginning.

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Spotlight on Mr. Heidelberg

By Max Gast

Our new superintendent and principal, Mr. Michael Heidelberg, used to be a swim instructor, and he found that he really liked to teach kids. When his friend informed him about a fifth-grade teaching position opening up in Perth Amboy, he became a fifth-grade teacher and has been moving up ever since. 

In the past 20 years, Mr. Heidelberg has not only served as a fifth-grade teacher, but also a seventh- and eighth-grade English teacher, a high school English teacher, a technology coordinator, a middle school vice principal, a middle school principal, a director of curriculum and instruction, and a high school principal.

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