Fortnite: Is it Changing the World for Better or Worse?

By Luke Bardinas

Imagine the Hunger Games. Now imagine the Hunger Games as a video game. Fortnite is a free battle royale video game released on September 26, 2017. It also has a second game mode where you save the world from a zombie invasion. Some could argue that  Fortnite is hurting kids because they would rather play Fortnite than go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather or spend time in person with others. Other people may argue the exact opposite, that Fortnite could help kids be more social and can help them with planning and collaboration with other people. Read more

When Your Teacher Knocks at Your Door

By Sherlyn Osorio

Imagine yourself being a small preschooler, not expecting one of your teachers to stop by your house. It’s quite a shock but also exciting seeing your teacher in your home to visit your parents and you especially. This year, the school directors decided to visit each of the preschoolers homes to see how they interact and behave in a familiar environment.

Miss Ramirez, Mrs. Antonucci, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Degnan, Mrs. LoPinto-Neil and Mrs. Stephan were looking forward to visiting each of the preschoolers’ homes, and meeting their parents, siblings, guardians and other family members. According to Miss Ramirez, Miss Antonucci and Mrs Roth, they will have to visit about thirty homes in total. The preschoolers ages are between three or four years old.

The directors think that this is a good idea because they will get to know more about how the preschoolers do in their homes.

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Our New Schedule: How Students Feel

By Jackie Neice

Morning meeting, 80-minute blocks, science for half the year and social studies the other. These are some of the changes to our middle school schedule this year. Students have mostly positive reactions, but some can disagree.

What changes you might ask? Now, students in grades five through eight have double periods for social studies and science. This means that for the first two marking periods, half of each grade has two full periods of science every day, for 80 minutes, and the other half has social studies. Last year, students had science and social studies every day for 40 minutes each.

This greatly reduces the amount of homework that we used to have, and helps a lot for those of us who have sports. When questioned about the positive effects, eighth grader Keyli Ramirez stated, “It’s easier to do my homework even when I have after school sports.” Read more

It Takes 42 Muscles


By Claire Cooperman

Scene 1- The New Kid

Some people may think that writing an essay about what you could do to change the world can change the way a person looks at the world. It just wasn’t that way for me, until Lily helped me see myself and my surroundings in a way I never thought was possible.

“Write an essay about what you could do to make the world a better place. It has to be at least one page and done by…”

Right now I would love to fly away to a far away land through giant white clouds in the big blue sky, or swim in the cool blue ocean with the turtles and fish as my friends, but I’m stuck in the classroom not thinking a girl like me could ever change the world. I am not an amazingly intelligent witch like Hermione Granger, or a young heroine with a dazzling imagination like Anne of Green Gables. I’m just a quiet girl, looking for her place in the world, yet having no luck.

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Let’s Talk Trench: A Music Review

By Jordan Barraud

After a year-long hiatus filled with cryptic messages for their fans to decipher, Twenty-One Pilots came back with a new album Trench, released on October 5. The fan base went berserk when the artists got back from their hiatus, expecting new music. The album consists of 14 songs: “Jumpsuit,” “Levitate,” “Morph,” “My Blood,” “Chlorine,” “Smithereens,” “Neon Gravestones,” “The Hype,” “Nico and the Niners,” “Cut My Lip,” “Bandito,” “Pet Cheetah,” “Legend,” and “Leave the City.”

Tyler Joseph, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, said Trench is a continuation of the story that goes along with Blurryface, their last album released in 2015, according to an interview published in Beats 1. Blurryface is a character who represents insecurities. Trench is a place, a world created by Joseph.

“I started coming up with this world, and it started to consume me. That’s all I could think about, I know every aspect of this world. I know what the weather’s like in this world, and I wanted to go there and write from that place,” he said in the interview.

The album paints a picture and story in your head. You can almost imagine what Trench (the world) would look like. Like all of the other Twenty-One Pilots albums, each song on Trench holds a deep meaning. For example the song “Legend” is about Tyler’s grandfather. In the interview with Beats 1, Tyler explains that during the writing of the song, his grandfather was in the hospital, and around when he finished writing the song, his grandfather passed away.

Another example is “Smithereens” an upbeat song dedicated to Joseph’s wife, Jenna.

“For you, I’d go

Step to a dude much bigger than me

For you, I know

I would get messed up, weigh 153

For you

I would get beat to smithereens”

 Even though the lyrics in the album may have a deeper meaning behind them, the music is always fun to dance to or just to listen to. Elements of pop, reggae, rock, and more can be found in the music. My opinion may be biased, because I am a big fan of Twenty-One Pilots, but I would give this a solid five out of five. I do fully recommend this album to everyone. It has a little something for everybody.

Boys’ Soccer Season: Winning or Losing?


By Noah Jamieson

The boys’ soccer team had a rough season this year, losing every game but one. Their final record was 1-8 which was almost the opposite of last year. Even though they didn’t hit the same amount of success as last year, it doesn’t mean they are not successful. They started out with a close game and a nice opener for the season.

In the little time they had before the season opener, the boys trained hard, making old skills better while developing new ones, working day after day to get prepared for a season of who knows what. The boys worked on all stuff ranging from corner kicks to straight up running. When the time arrived, the boys believed they were ready.

The opening game was against Avon. The boys managed to score in the first couple of minutes. Goals were traded back and forth but in the end, the Avon team managed to get a win. It was a hard loss for the boys of Bradley Beach. The final score was 4-2. That didn’t stop them though. They came out the next game strong. Sadly, that ended up as a loss too with a final score of 6-2. Just because the boys were losing doesn’t mean they weren’t improving. They saw what went wrong during their games and worked hard to improve. Every game from them was loss after loss after loss. Some were closer than others. There was an away game at Avon that ended up being a really close game. The score was 3-2. One day, it seemed like all the practice had payed off. A home game against Lavalette. Something changed. They were determined to win, which they did. The team had goal after goal and ended up crushing our opponents, with a final score of 6-1. Even though the boys lost a majority of their games, they never gave up. Overall, win or lose, I think the boys soccer team played great this season, and they will bounce back next year!

Club Corner

By Nora Gregory

Welcome to Club Corner. Are you ready to join Bradley Beach clubs? BBES has many amazing clubs that are just right for you. If you are interested, join some and have some fun during and after school.

A great club for you may be the Drama Club. They meet in the auditorium after school. This club is starting in only a few weeks. One of the many amazing teachers in this school helps with the play — Mrs. Zaccaro. These plays are a fun way to practice singing, dancing, and presenting. Every year, Mrs. Zaccaro picks out a play and you get to be a part of it. There were many different fun plays like The Bandstand and Dear Edwina. Be ready for an awesome year. Maybe you could join the show!

The environment is one of the most important things in the world. Do you care about the environment? Well if you do come on over to the Environmental Club. In this special club you will learn about environmental changes, and at the end of the year you will go on a field trip. In this club you will do public speaking, beach sweeps, and participate in many celebrations. This year Miss Ross and Mrs. Wilson are hosting. Last year the Environmental Club made a video about recycling which is very popular in Bradley Beach. See it here. The club usually meets on Fridays before school at 8 am.
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