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Spotlight on Mr. Heidelberg

By Max Gast

Our new superintendent and principal, Mr. Michael Heidelberg, used to be a swim instructor, and he found that he really liked to teach kids. When his friend informed him about a fifth-grade teaching position opening up in Perth Amboy, he became a fifth-grade teacher and has been moving up ever since. 

In the past 20 years, Mr. Heidelberg has not only served as a fifth-grade teacher, but also a seventh- and eighth-grade English teacher, a high school English teacher, a technology coordinator, a middle school vice principal, a middle school principal, a director of curriculum and instruction, and a high school principal.

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Student Council News

A report by the Student Council president, Jalil Bessellieu

What a year the student council has had so far! From board meetings to spirit weeks, the Student Council has been hard at work. The year started with elections of new representatives for each 5th to 8th-grade class as of October 19, 2022.

We had some very challenging opponents like Kayleigh Cook, Aidan Murphy, Calvin Barratt, and Krystal Juarez Guzman. We each gave a campaign speech explaining why we were the best pick. We had the opportunity to set up posters in the hallways for encouragement. Overall it was a fun competition. 

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Rapid Recap: The Year of Sonic

By Zamantha Muñoz-Morales

Rolling around at the speed of sound since 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog is without a doubt one of gaming’s most remarkable and beloved icons. The year was definitely his best year to date! Sega and Sonic Team made sure to touch every form of media possible!  We got a movie, two new games, and tv shows, just to name a few. Now that he is closing his 31st year, I think we should take a look back on one of the biggest years for the blue blur and what it brought.  

Starting off 2022 was the long-awaited sequel to the first Sonic movie. When Sonic the Hedgehog 2 finally made its debut in theaters on April 8, fans were impressed. The story’s main focus is around a century-long beef between Sonic and the Knuckles’ ancestors, along with Sonic’s maturity improving, and the two-hour-long journey to find the master emerald. The movie once again broke the records for the number one video game movie in the United States!  It wasn’t long until Paramount announced that the third film in the franchise is in development and set to release in December of 2024 as well as a solo Knuckles spinoff show coming to Paramount Plus in 2023. Only Sonic the Hedgehog could pull off greatness like that, and his greatness continues throughout the year!

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Soaked: a Short Story

By Milo Fakir

Man, I can’t wait to bite into a juicy chicken wing! thought Alex. 

He was standing at the marble counter in the kitchen, filling up his glass. But he was not paying attention, and it overflowed. He went to take a sip as he was walking to the living room when, all of a sudden, the glass began to glide out of his slippery hands.  

“Darn!” muffled Alex.  He dropped the glass, and it broke. The water spilled everywhere.  He was red in the face.  “Well, at least I am going to the hockey game today with my cousins.”

Alex loves sports. He is a very athletic kid, and he loves recess the most.  He never wants to miss out on something to do with sports. Alex is 12 years old and is a tall sixth grader.

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Naturally: Chapter One: Reunion

By Layla Katz

Illustration by Olivia Bagdanov

Live Aurelius, a 17-year-old boy with the gift of creating live organisms such as plants, is searching for the one who has gifted him these powers. Through his search, he finds a mysterious little demon and a cool, bunny-loving girl. Who are these weird new friends of Live’s? And how can they help him find the person he’s looking for? Welp! Time will tell.

Students sat at or on cold wooden desks with metal legs and dark turquoise chairs. An oak table commanded the front of the classroom where an older man with short, salt-and-pepper hair typed on a computer, occasionally pushing his black glasses up onto the bridge of his nose. 

As the children chitchatted about their summers, a boy, small for a 17-year-old, took a seat in the back of the classroom. He had light blonde hair and hazel eyes. He wore a violet and turquoise shirt, a dark, dusty brick red and red violet accented open sweatshirt, a black belt, blue jeans, and simple black shoes. Live situated all of his school supplies in front of himself and folded his arms on top of the items, resting his head in his arms. He looked around the room, noticing a few people from years prior, including Jene Keket, a girl he knew in middle school and the previous years of high school. She was talking with a few other students and laughing. Her golden eyes wandered over to him, a curious expression visible in her eyes. Live quickly looked away, hoping the girl wouldn’t notice him. Live could still feel her eyes burning into the back of his head even after he turned his head. 

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A Fan’s Guide to Stranger Things

By Olivia Bagdanov

Imagine biking home with your friend. He challenges you to a race, so you go ahead just to be greeted by a seven-foot-tall dark shadow that takes you away into a different dimension.

Have you watched the top 10 rated shows on Netflix, Stranger Things? This popular show just had a season 4, which came out on May 27, 2022. Not so long after that, part two of season 4 came out. Stranger Things has a total of 34 episodes.

The show is about four young boys who find a girl in the woods. Little do they know she has psychokinetic and telepathic powers. Not so long after finding her, they discover a portal to a different dimension that has monsters and dangerous vines like in Dungeons and Dragons, a board game that the boys play. 

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More than a Secretary: A Profile of the Amazing Miss Ramirez

By Hans Weber

Oliva Herrera, a mother of three, needed help with completing legal documents. She couldn’t think of anyone who could walk her through the process, especially since all the documents were in English, not Mrs. Herrera’s native Spanish. Suddenly, she remembered Ruth Ramirez, the friendly, bilingual school secretary who is a Mexican immigrant, like her.

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Why Does Everybody Love Harry Styles?

By Kayleigh Cook

Twenty-six-year-old singer-songwriter Harry Edward Styles entered the music scene 10 years ago, and since then has been the person most moms, sisters, and maybe even ELA teachers keep gushing about. But, It’s not for no reason. Harry Styles is a good-natured person who makes stellar, enjoyable music.

Harry Styles was born February 1, 1994, in Redditch, England, to landlady Anne Twist and finance worker Desmond “Des” Styles. At only 16, Styles went on the TV show X-Factor UK and sang Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister.” Simon Cowell, one of the judges, wasn’t too impressed, but gave Styles a second chance and asked him to sing acapella. Styles made the quick decision to belt out Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” The audition went well, obviously, and he was paired with four other European teens  (Nial Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik) to form one of the best-selling boy bands, One Direction. Sadly, One Direction went on an indefinite hiatus in January 2016, but Harry Styles still continued down the yellow brick road of fame.

Though he is most known for his compelling music, Styles is also known for his fearless experimentation with clothing and fashion. In December 2020, Styles was displayed on the front page of Vogue magazine rocking a black Gucci jacket and blue dress. This moment makes Harry the first ever solo man on Vogue cover in all of the magazine’s 127-year history. 

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Raves for Kalahari: A Waterpark Review

By Molly Flynn

Have you ever wanted to visit a fantastic waterpark? Or an amazing arcade? You should go to the Kalahari Hotel in the Poconos. The resort is named for the desert in Southern Africa known for its wildlife, which is pretty ironic because Kalahari (the region) is a desert and doesn’t have much water. I will review the shops, food, waterpark, arcade, and more.

One of my favorite parts of Kalahari was all the shops. My favorite was the grocery store.  It had all types of fresh food like muffins, coffee, and other baked goods. It also stocked some of my favorite candies like Lindt Chocolate, Trolli gummies, and Starbursts. Of course, you can find staples like milk, eggs, sugar, and bread. Lastly, it offered cool merchandise like hoodies, hats, and shirts.

Another highlight of Kalahari is the superb food. They have a delicious Italian restaurant called Sortino’s. Some of the best food there is the crunchy bruschetta and the soft onion bread. Another fantastic thing there is the food near the arcade. They have delectable wings and fries. My favorite wings are the spicy, hot, crispy buffalo wings.

The waterpark is the main attraction of Kalahari. It has some killer rides. My favorite was the Screaming Hyena. You go into a purple tube and on the count of three, it drops you. It’s so fun, but water does go up your nose. Another very fun ride (considered the scariest ride) is the Wild Wildebeest. You go into a clover tube and then it lifts you ten feet on a ring that is sideways. This is one I haven’t gone on because it was closed, but the first VR waterslide is in Kalahari. Lastly, there was the Smoke That Thunders. It is one of the most thrilling rides there! It does three drops, then it brings you into a vast opening, and you rock back and forth.

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The Owl House: A Review

By Elizabeth Peña Martinez

You all know about those fantasy stories where the main character lives in a magical world and defeats wizards and witches, like  Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Ever After HighShera and the Princess, etc. Well, this one is different. It is so peculiar that it is not to be believed. It seems like a dream. If this has caught your attention, please continue reading.

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