Dear Raul



(Photo by Tides Staff)

Guest hosted this issue by Lucas Davis, News Editor


Dear Raul,

My friend keeps on breaking my trust. They constantly tell my secrets to other people, and I don’t appreciate it. I try to separate myself from them, but they apologize and then do it all over again. It is just a repeating cycle. What should I do?



Dear Distressed,

The answer to your problem is quite simple. You see, this person isn’t really your “friend.” You were right in saying that what is occurring is a cycle, because this person really isn’t on your side. Cut all ties with the individual, and your issues will end with them. I hope I could be of service.





Dear Raul,

I feel like my friends are trying to replace me. They told me they were very busy and we couldn’t have our weekly sleepover. But then, later that night they were posting pictures with this other girl, and there was even a video of all of them doing our secret handshake together! I can’t help but wonder what I’m doing wrong. Should I break the friendship immediately? Or should I just confront them?




Dear Perturbed,

This is quite the difficult question, I gave it more than ten minutes of thought. I mean, your friend clearly didn’t want you there. But, do you enjoy your friends company? If so, then don’t destroy your friendship so quickly. If they are old friends, then value your friendship, if not, then drop them and find some new friends. Also, those girls are clearly dolts if they say that they’re not having a sleepover and then post evidence of it on the internet (if those are your friends then I apologize).



One comment

  • Your advice reminds me of the saying, “Those who mind, don’t matter, and those who matter, don’t mind.” True friendship is a beautiful thing!


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