Boys Win Division for the First Time in 10 Years!

(Photos courtesy of Lenore Cooperman)

By Arely Rubio and Kevin Hernandez Perez, Sports Editors, with Heidi Ruiz-Otero, Reporter

For the first time in 10 years, the Bradley Beach boys soccer team won the Monmouth County Athletic League’s (MCAL) “National” Division this year with an impressive record of one loss and 13 wins.

”Our teamwork, speed, and aggression is definitely one of our strengths,” said Harry Cruz Galindo, a defensive player on the team. “Quick playing and positioning is helping us the most.”

The one game the boys lost was to Avon on October 20. For that game they missed players and were not use to the small field that they played on, but that was a wake up call for them, said Chris Ott, the coach, and athletic director. They were especially proud of beating tough opponents H.W. Mountz twice.

Sadly, the team lost to Belmar 4-3 in overtime in the playoffs on November 1.

Nevertheless, their supporters were congratulating them through the hallways.

“I am very happy for them and proud,” said Kellie O’Keefe, the school nurse. “The teamwork that they are showing is what it’s all about.”

The MCAL director Don Neice visited BBES on November 22 to present a banner commemorating the win.

“It was a historic year for not only boys soccer but also for our athletic program,” said Mr. Ott. “This will be one that we will be talking about for a long time.”

Back in 2007, which is the only other time the boys won the division, they also won the entire league as well and were MCAL overall champions for the only time in school history.


Eighth Grader Axel Cruz in goal as the Bradley Beach Breaker Boys continue their winning ways.

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