Boys Have Winning Basketball Season

By Arely Rubio, Sports Editor

What a great season for the boys basketball, with a record of 12 wins and 3 losses! St. Catherines was their last game and fun to watch, even though the end score wasn’t the best. They played hard and had great defense. Not to mention some good ball passing and communication on the court. The final score of that game was 41-28 loss.

“Mr. Mulligan worked us pretty hard. It made us successful. Hard work paid off in the end,” said Luke Cousins, point guard of the team, along with Kevin Hernandez Perez. This season has been an amazing season and with a great outcome! Mr. Mulligan, James, Mulligan, and Shane Nolan were the coaches and they did a great job leading and teaching the boys to get this far. The boys made it all the way to the semi finals (St. Catherines) and came close but fell short. This was definitely one of their best seasons and there is more to come with boys basketball next year!

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