Club Corner

Club Corner (Environmental Club).JPGPictured Above: Environmental Club

By Sophia Li, Jordan Barraud, and Angelina Cortina

To start the Club Corner off, let’s see what our clubs have in store for us! Let us tell you some things that our school clubs have been doing so far. Especially about the Environmental and Drama Club have something exciting going on right now.

The Drama Club is working on a musical comedy with lots of music and fun called “Dear Edwina Jr.” “There are some really goofy situations the characters get into I think everyone will enjoy it.” said Mrs. Zaccaro. When asked if there were any hints about the play Mrs. Zaccaro said “Edwina, the main character is going to give us all advice, by answering letters and introducing some fun silly characters.” You can also look forward to the huge cast from the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and the many returning favorites in the cast. “We are lucky to have such a talented ensemble!” When I asked Mrs. Zaccaro when we will be able to view ‘Dear Edwina Jr’ she replied “ We hope to be ready the week after spring break. It’s exciting to be working on a longer show and one that’s been done off Broadway in NYC!.” So be ready when the time comes to view this musical, comedy.

The Environmental Club has been working on a video to show why we should clean up after ourselves. Fortunately, the Stem Club has also been learning how to film and edit videos with the help of Ms.Maclearie. John Weber has asked Ms.Ross if the Environmental Club could make such a video for our whole community. John Weber works for the Surfrider Foundation, his children even go to our school. The Environmental Club has been working very hard to make sure the video would be the best. Dr.W has even given them permission to film their video during school hours. Ms.Ross and Mrs.Orlando have been encouraging the Environmental Club on every step of the video to getting closer to finishing it. “Let’s work hard trying to finish this video so we could move on to something new,” exclaimed Mrs.Ross. Let’s wish them luck on finishing the video.

Let’s move on to our Safety Patrol that have been helping us in many ways. Safety Patrol has always been doing a good job helping the little grades during their lunch. They are even protecting them during recess making sure no one gets hurt while they are having fun and playing with their friends. They are always one step ahead when someone gets hurt, they bring them right to the nurse so they could get bandaged up.

Next we have the Student Government. When asked what kind of jobs are in the Student Government, Ms. Power answered, “This year, we don’t have jobs. The Student Government members, Ms. Girard, and myself decided that everyone would work together and share ideas and responsibilities.” Are you excited for the spring dance, well Ms. Power is. When I questioned what they were excited to be working on Ms. Power answered, “we are excited for the Spring Dance in May because it is during a fun time of year when the weather gets warmer and there are a lot of fun events.” You may be wondering what the similarities between the actual government and our student government. When I asked Ms. Power what the similarities between the two were she said, “We try to help our school community and create a fun, positive environment.” You also may be wondering the importance as to what the student government does for us and our school. Well they do the important things, they run all the school dances and donate money to charities.

And finally, we have the Library Club. Currently the library club is holding the “Book Swap” for the night of the museum. All you guys gotta do, is bring any books that YOU own and swap it for a book at the school library. Just make sure to keep the books you don’t want to giveaway. Go to miss sucatos room ( on wednesdays ) for more details.

Pretty interesting right? Well if you want more information please ask the clubs but don’t ask to many questions that can give away too much information. Since, they want to keep somethings as a surprise.

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