Girls Basketball Season Brings Wins

By Arely Rubio

The season for the girls basketball was the best season that the girls had in a very long time. For a while the girls basketball team hasn’t been so good, for many years we have not won a game. This year was different we won four games and it was an amazing season for both coaches and players. And let me tell you those wins were definitely needed this season. Our wins were the first of 3 ½ years. With four wins and ten losses and the girl learned from their losses and carried improvement in the following games, and that brought out our four wins. Ms. Hamell, the head coach, led us to one of out best seasons with the help of Ms. Maclearie. Our wins against Avon, Belmar, Deal, and Neptune City were an improvement of our losses. This was a great season and hopefully we will carry on the improvement next year and bring some more wins to Bradley Beach!

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