Talent Show Wows With Variety

By Raul Gregory, Student Life Editor

The lights dim, the MCs enter the stage, and everyone is watching. This year’s talent show was amazing, and I’m sure many would agree. It had everything from art being made live to amazing dance performances. In this article I will discuss some notable things in this year’s talent show and some of my favorite performances that caught my eye. Each two- minute performance was simple and enjoyable

Though the talent show has always had an outstanding stage set up, this year one could definitely notice how well done the show’s stage looked. The colored lights and fog machine gave the stage a mysterious feel. The stage which caught my eye almost immediately made me feel like I was in a totally different planet. It was definitely not the only thing that I enjoyed though. In previous talent shows you got to enjoy dancing, singing, and the occasional musician, but in this talent show anyone watching got to watch an array of 15 acts from watching art being made live to an outstanding martial performance. The MCs Cece and Makayla  also helped transition from act to act, and give the viewers a better understanding of what was going on. This year’s talent show has definitely proven to be a good one, and I personally believe it is one of the best Bradley Beach has ever had.

Though all of the performers did a spectacular job this 2018 talent show there were some performers whose acts really caught my eye. There were two acts that I took a particular liking to. The acts featured art being painted live by Ben and Leah something that really was fun and very creative.  This act kept me interested. According to Mr. LeProtto, “I was happy we had another year of talents we had never seen before. Hoping next year we will have performers bringing new talents to Bradley Beach Elementary.”

A parent sitting next to me during the afternoon performances said, “It felt as though the MOMA had been brought to Bradley Beach Elementary.”

I really enjoyed the act because it’s something you usually don’t get to see at a school talent show. I also enjoyed the pianist that played this years talent show. I became fond of the two performances because of the beauty and fluency of the music performed. The screen that filmed the pianist’s fingers made me even more intrigued. I also enjoyed the many dance performances because of the way they played along with the music almost like a flowing water.

In conclusion, this years talent show was amazing and definitely something worth seeing from the stage set up, to the mc’s, to the 15 outstanding performers.

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