Cheerleaders Perform at MCAL Exhibition

IMG_02931By Heidi Ruiz Otero, Reporter

February 27th 2018 was our annual MCAL cheer exhibition. If you’re wondering what a cheer exhibition is, it’s where all of the cheerleading teams from the Monmouth County Athletic League “MCAL”  go to Manasquan High School and perform for each other. And we show the dance that we do at half time during the boys and girls basketball games to all of the cheerleaders from every school. There were eight cheer teams participating at this year’s cheer exhibition. Manasquan High School varsity team showed a demonstration of their competition dance and did an excellent job! We all did tumbling, stunts, flips and much more. Each team had to complete a five- minute performance, with cheering and music for a dance.  This year the girls’ basketball team came along with the cheerleaders to the exhibition for support. I asked one of the girls, Evelyn Quiroz Ramirez, and she replied saying, ¨I loved the exhibition and mostly the stunts and flips.¨ But sadly this was all of the 8th grade cheerleaders’ last time performing with the team at Manasquan. We will perform as a team one more time this season for the Memorial Day Parade in Bradley Beach on May 26th.


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