Sarah Poppe Joins the Party

(Photo courtesy of Marissa Vitale)

By Lucas Davis, News Editor

In the beginning of this year, our supervisor of curriculum and instruction Mr. Liebmann left Bradley Beach Elementary School for greener pastures, if they exist. This is a sad occurrence. However, the person replacing Mr. Liebmann is just as amiable. Sarah Poppe is the new supervisor of curriculum and instruction for our school.

In the past, Mrs. Poppe has worked at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, N.J.; Campbell Middle School in Daytona Beach, Fla.;  Flagler Palm Coast High School in Palm Coast, Fla; and most recently at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, in Jackson, N.J., as a literacy specialist. She is very excited to begin working at BBES.

She is a family woman, as she is the mother of twin six-year-olds, Oliver and Noelle, as well as the stepmother to a 21- year old Kaylee, 15-year-old Gianna, and 11- year old Michael. Her entire family is comprised of Star Wars fans, and yet, she she says, she hasn’t watched an entire Star Wars movie to the end. Her all time favorite movie is called Rudy. It’s about a man who attends Notre Dame University against a mountain of seemingly insurmountable problems to play football. She is a Notre Dame enthusiast, and a proud Irish fan. A fun fact about Ms. Poppe: She was made fun of on David Letterman’s Top Ten Countdown while working at a pretzel stand at Six Flags. Sadly, she was not made famous by her appearance on television.

Lastly, she is the owner of a 110-pound Newfoundland puppy called Meeka. She is extremely cute, and will grow to be one of the largest dog breeds in existence.

Sarah Poppe is a valuable addition to BBES and we are so pleased to welcome her here.

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