The New Faces at BBES

By Sophia Li

This year, 11 new faces can be seen in our school community. Let’s see who these kind faces are! The school has hired Erin Healy to teach gym; Amanda Bialek for fifth and sixth grade science; Jessica Campbell to be a first grade teacher; Gabrielle Giacchi to aid Mrs. Maggio in third grade; Lucy Newberry to be an ESL teacher; Brendon Coulson to teach second and third grade reading and writing, and second and fourth grade math; Jenny Krystopowicz and Kristin Goldsworthy to teach fourth grade; and Donna Taylor to aid the fourth and first grade classes. Bernadette LoPinto-Neil is our new preschool teacher, and Gabrielle Dawe is an instrutcional assistant in preschool.

Today I am going to be introducing you to some of them.


Ms. Bialek came to us from Trenton, where she was a teacher at International Academy of Trenton Charter School. She graduated from Rutgers University. She lives in Lanoka Harbor and has a dog named Wally. A fun fact about Ms. Bialek is that she is obsessed with plants and loves to garden. Her house is even filled with plants. When asked what she liked most about Bradley Beach, she said, “I love that it’s a small community near the beach. Great opportunity for sneaking in some Marine Bio.”

Ms. Campbell, a new first grade teacher, got her Bachelor’s Degree from Sacred Heart University and her Master’s Degree from Monmouth University. Ms. Campbell lives in Wall Township, and she has a four-year-old old nephew. A fun fact about Ms. Campbell is that she loves to golf. She was on her high school team. She even played the flute. “I love how wonderful the staff is. They are always helpful and encouraging,” she said.

Ms. Giacchi, who was paired with Mrs. Maggio to teach third grade, comes to us from Bay Head School. Ms. Giacchi got her undergraduates Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Kean University, and her Masters Degree in school counseling from Nathan Weiss Graduate school. Some fun facts about Ms. Giacchi are that she just recently graduated in May 2018 with her Masters Degree in Counseling to reach her goal to eventually become a school counselor. She creates wire-wrapped jewelry, and she loves to travel. She spent two weeks this summer in Thailand. “It was a great cultural experience!” she said. When asked what she liked most about Bradley Beach, she said, “The small school environment. The staff and the students have been very welcoming. I already feel part of the Bradley Beach School family!”

Ms. Newberry is an ESL teacher who used to teach in Lakewood for 16 years! She graduated from Georgian Court University. She lives in Toms River with her dog named Abbey. A fun fact about Ms. Newberry is that she is fluent in Spanish. She also loves to travel.

“I love the students and teachers – a great small community. Also, everyone is very nice and kind,” she explained when I asked her what she liked most about our community.

Mr. Coulson comes to us from Little Silver schools, where he filled a five-month maternity leave. Before that, he taught in Freehold Borough School District for four years. He graduated from the University of Delaware and now Mr. Coulson lives in Manasquan. A fun fact about Mr. Coulson is that he use to do gymnastics when he was a kid. “I love the students and teachers that I work with and have met so far this year,” Mr. Coulson said.


Ms. Krystopowicz, who teaches fourth grade use to teach at the District of Columbia Public Schools. She also graduated from the George Washington University. A fun fact about Ms. Krystopowicz is that this August, she was selected to speak and present in Saudi Arabia at their First International Teachers Forum on Creativity in the Classroom. When asked what she liked most about Bradley Beach, she answered with, “The students – I have the most compassionate and genuinely nicest class, they are such a great group to teach!”

Mrs. Taylor graduated from Seton Hall University, now lives in Tinton Falls. Some fun facts about Mrs. Taylor is that she used to be a cheerleader in Elementary and High School. Also, every summer she goes parasailing with her niece, Alexandra. ”We have made it our summer tradition for the passed seven years. We started going when she was 10 years old. Throughout the year, we love to go to see Broadway Plays,” She explained. Once, asking her what she liked most about our community, she answered with, “The things I like most about Bradley Beach School is the authentic dedication all teachers  and administrators possess. Everyone here is committed to helping every student reach their highest potential and become their best self. Last, but not least is the fact that Bradley Beach Students Rock!”

Ms. Goldsworthy, who also teaches fourth grade used to teach in Newark and Maplewood, NJ. She graduated with her Masters Degree at Montclair State University, and got her undergraduates at James Madison University. A fun fact about Ms. Goldsworthy is that shes a long distance runner. She’s also currently training to run the Philadelphia Marathon. She also loves ice cream just as much as she loves to run. “I really like the community. Everyone has been so welcoming. Also, my students are THE BEST!” she answered with what she liked most about Bradley Beach.

Ms. Dawe, who’s an instructional assistant for preschool, graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She now lives in Ocean Township with her cat. One fun fact about Ms. Dawe is that she’s been to Disney 16 times! Now isn’t that exciting! “I love how friendly and welcoming the staff and students are. Everyone is willing to help you if needed. It feels like a sense of home.”


Ms. Healy, who is now our new PE and health teacher, used to teach in Freehold Township. She graduated from the College of New Jersey and also lives in Spring Lake Heights. She also explained how she doesn’t have a pet right now, but she wants to get a dog soon. A fun fact about Ms. Healy is that on her free time, she sometimes works at a flower shop. When asking Ms. Healy what she loved most about Bradley Beach, she answered that she loved the community here in Bradley Beach.

Ms. LoPinto-Neil, who teaches Pre-K, used to work in Trenton and Asbury Park. She now lives in West Belmar. She graduated from The College of New Jersey and Georgian Court University. She has two daughters named Skylar and Chelsea, she also has one granddaughter named Imogen. She owns two dogs named Monkey and Pandora. A fun fact about Ms. LoPinto-Neil is that she met her husband when he joined her family’s bluegrass band. When I asked her what she liked about our community, she answered with, “I like the students, families and teachers at BBES.”

These are our new teachers!

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