Food, Suds, and Teamwork at the Car Wash

By Heidi Ruiz Otero

On September 28th, the 8th graders of BBES rolled up their sleeves and washed some cars to raise money for their Eighth Grade Washington trip. Eighth graders and many parents were there helping out and having a huge blast! Mr Leprotto was also there playing some upbeat music.

Not only did the 8th grade just wash cars, the parents made and sold some delicious Mexican food like jello with the colors of the Mexican flag, chamoy y piña (a sweet and spicy sauce over pineapple chunks), chips, ice cream pops, soda, and water. The car wash was located in front of the school, where the little kids playground is.

Students were divided into four groups, working the soap and sponge station, the hosing station, the drying station, and lastly the sign station — advertising the car wash.

This year the car wash was divided into shifts. Brenda Lowe and Stephanie DeAngelis McAnee were both in charge of the car wash. They both also checked if students came to their shift. 

We were there from 11:45 to 4:00. Alma Miron, Brian Ramon’s mom volunteered to be in charge of the sales of the refreshments being served. We all shared laughs together and got a little soaked too! Overall we raised around $1,000! Everything was amazing and was well planned!




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