When Your Teacher Knocks at Your Door

By Sherlyn Osorio

Imagine yourself being a small preschooler, not expecting one of your teachers to stop by your house. It’s quite a shock but also exciting seeing your teacher in your home to visit your parents and you especially. This year, the school directors decided to visit each of the preschoolers’ homes to see how they interact and behave in a familiar environment.

Miss Ramirez, Mrs. Antonucci, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Degnan, Mrs. LoPinto-Neil and Mrs. Stephan were looking forward to visiting each of the preschoolers’ homes, and meeting their parents, siblings, guardians and other family members. According to Miss Ramirez, Miss Antonucci and Mrs Roth, they will have to visit about thirty homes in total. The preschoolers ages are between three or four years old.

The directors think that this is a good idea because they will get to know more about how the preschoolers do in their homes.

What occurred during the home visiting was that Mrs. Antonucci and the teachers asked a couple of questions to the parents, guardian or family member caring for the preschooler. For example they asked, “What kinds of activities does your child like to do at home?” This helped them get an idea of what the preschoolers like to do when they are at home and not at school.  According to Mrs. Roth, another reason why they are doing the home visiting for Prek is because the prek teachers and Mrs.Antonucci thought that it is a great way of having a strong relationship with the parents and with the students.

After speaking to one of the parents that had been part of the home visiting they said (translated from Spanish), “I personally think that that the home visits is a splendid idea because it helps me have a chance to interact with my child’s teachers and get to know more about them.”  Many of the preschoolers’ parents thought that the home visiting was a spectacular idea and they were open to the idea because it would be a way for them to participate and get to have a chance to interact with the Pre-k teachers.

The home visiting will be only once a year. The home visiting went splendid this year and the staff that are a part of this are definitely looking forward to doing it next year!

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