Goodbye to Backpacks and Phones

By Joshua Nesheiwat

Middle school students are giving mixed reviews on new policies regarding backpacks and cellphones here at BBES this year.

New rules cracking down on backpacks and cellphones struck most hard against BBES’s middle schoolers. Let’s start off with the backpack policy, being that it is the more controversial of the two.  This fall, student backpacks were banned in classrooms. 

Word straight from one of my fellow seventh graders, Claire Cooperman, saying, “ I really miss getting to use my backpack because, one, it just helped prevent me from having to lug around my stack of class supplies, and, two, it kind-of had a sentimental value to it as well.” Other students shared similar thoughts.

Just like any other good argument, or disagreement, there are two sides. Some teachers argued that backpacks can be tripping hazards and they can be bad for students’ backs when they are lugged around all day. Hearing first-hand from their point of view really made me think, but it wasn’t enough to change my opinion.  

Personally, as a student witnessing, and being affected by these new policies, my opinion leans against. I truly believe that there are just more downsides to the backpack policies than plusses.  

Now time to talk about the other big change this year: phones. The school tightened up its cell phone policy this year, making it clear that phones must be turned off and stored in lockers. If students sneak phones into class, teachers are supposed to confiscate them and turn them into the office until the end of the day. Parents may be called.

I actually believe that the phone policy is for the better. In my opinion, phones are distracting and can be used for cheating.

Some argue that kids need phones to contact their parents, Like Numan, who believes he needs his phone for his active after-school schedule. But in my opinion, this theory makes no sense to me, because the schools staff does not prevent you from calling your parents or just freely using your phone AFTER school. I really don’t see a productive use for the phones being used during school and for this I agree and support the decisions made by the school officials.

If anyone reading this is having a difficulty understanding this topic, or if you have an opinion you want heard, please comment your thoughts and I will do my best to make your voice heard.

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