Passion Projects Enrich School

By Noah Jamieson

The Gifted and Talented program has started up again this year, giving students a chance to work on passion projects ranging from video making, crocheting, and, this article’s main topic, the Composter.

This year, Ms. Bialek is taking control. The Gifted and Talented was opened to lots of grades this year, so there are many different types of projects going on. These include a Sports Youtube Channel made by seventh-grade boys and crocheting done by another seventh grader.

The program is starting with the 20 percent project. A 20 percent project is basically a concept where you spend 20 percent of your week on a project that you are interested in. There is one specific project I was really interested in while writing this article. That is a Composter! This project is being tackled by fourth-grade students Hans, Oliver, And Kaz.

I asked them to choose a topic for a passion project that will help our school or community, and the three of them decided that they wanted to create a large, spinning composter,” said Ms. Bialek.

What is a composter? you may ask. The composter is a structure used to make compost. Compost is a rich, mulch-like substance, which is great for gardens. It’s an amazing idea because not only will it help our school gardens, but it also helps save certain garbage from landfills. Ms. Bialek and her team put it right out in our garden, so it can get straight to use. They researched designs, drew up a blueprint, created a model, and made a materials list for the project, said Ms. Bialek.



It seems like everything is planned out very well. If you have more questions about the project, you can find Ms. Bialek, Hans, Kaz, and Oliver all in our school.

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