Cheer Team Reaches New Heights at MCAL

By Emely Hernandez Aparicio and Emely Herrera Montoya, guest reporters.

“Woohoo!” roared the crowd.

This year’s 2019 Cheerleading Exhibition was a success for the BBES Cheerleaders. This year, only seven schools participated in the MCAL Cheering Exhibition: Antrim, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Brielle, Manasquan High School, Neptune, and St.Catharine’s. We had four captains: Audra Lowe, Alexandra Zarate, Heidi Ruiz, and Roselyn Herrera. It took Mrs. Morder one and a half months to choreograph the dance.

This year, Ms. Giacchi helped Mrs. Morder with lifts and stunts. Ms. Giacchi left at the end of the season to achieve her dream in another school but came back for our Cheer Exhibition.

This year was Audra Lowe’s first year in the cheer team and she said that her experience of being a cheerleader was really fun and something new to try and she thought that the Exhibition was a little nerve racking but once we performed it was really fun.

Mrs. Morder said, “This year was a  phenomenal year. The team worked together and supported each other in all games and practices. They are all gaining confidence and improving their skills. In all of my six years of coaching the cheer team, this was our first year getting all three lifts in a high position !”

The Cheer team says, “Both Boys and Girls basketball teams did a wonderful job throughout the season!”

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