by Claire Cooperman

(photo by Numan Afzal)

I sit here

Head out the window

Watching the trees

Sprint along the endless road behind us.

The sky, 

A beautiful shade of blue,

Like the ocean

Between sets of waves.

Puffy clouds float

Throughout the blue canvas

Creating pictures

With the help of my imagination.

Strands of my hair

Dance in the wind

Like ballerinas

Leaping and twirling across a stage.

Muffled conversation

Fills my ears

And acts as a lullaby

To my body and mind.

I think of how lucky I am,

To have these few minutes

When I can recognize

How beautiful the world is.

This time when I can just sit

And not worry about anything

In the past,


Or future.

This time when I can notice,

And notice,

And notice.

This time

When everything in the world

Slows down just enough

So that I can catch a glimpse of a universe

In which everything seems right.


  • Beautifully written Claire!


  • Marissa Vitale

    I know I tell you this all the time Claire, but I truly enjoy reading your writing. It’s beautiful and has a unique way of pausing time.


  • Michelle Sprengel

    Claire, this is lovely! Your writing has always been so good and enjoy seeing your talents grow. This poem reflects the mood of our culture, now, beautifully! 🙂 I hope everyone is able to pause and enjoy a moment in time/nature.


  • Claire. Wonderful poem – feels like a meditation…. reading it made me feel very much in the present moment. Like a deep slow breath at the edge of the shoreline….
    Thank you
    Mr Cosgrove


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