Meet the New Staff

By Luke Bardinas

We have some new faces from different places here at BBES this year. They are Damian Rodriguez, Danielle DeMarco, Jenny McCann, Amanda Silverstein, Amanda Lapa, and Lisa Meil.  We are glad to have them here and I would like to tell you some more about them. 

En el Cuarto de Espanol, we have señor Damian Rodriguez. Before he came here, he taught in Trenton, Ewing, and Camden. He has four daughters, lives in Ewing, and has a completely peaceful personality. He likes to write songs and books, and his favorite part about Bradley Beach is the beach and its beautiful landscape. Buena suerte señor Rodriguez

Our kindergarten kids this year are in for a treat with Ms. Danielle DeMarco, their new paraprofessional. She was a preschool teacher before she came here and has one dog named Baily. She currently lives in Howell and would describe herself as fun, excited, and silly. She loves fitness, health, and spending time with her dog. She loves to go on long runs and wants everyone in the world to treat each other fairly and equally like how she loves everyone at Bradley Beach. Peace to you, Ms. DeMarco.

Our new learning consultant is Mrs. Jenny McCann who used to teach in Middletown. She has three kids and lives in Middletown. She is optimistic, friendly, and grateful. She loves spending time with her family and enjoying a nice sunny day at the beach.  

Moving between kindergarten, first, and second grade, teaching ELA and Math is Ms. Amanda Silverstein. Before she started teaching here, she taught in Mahwah. She has two cats, Jax and Luna, and lives in Howell. She is happy and outgoing with a love of horseback riding. She wishes education was available for everyone and loves that the staff and students of Bradley Beach are so helpful and welcoming.

Mrs. Lisa Meil, who used to teach fourth-grade in Colorado, came back to New Jersey to be near her family. She has two children and two Yorkies who live with her in Toms River. She is easygoing, adventurous, caring, and competitive and used to play soccer in college. She wishes people would be kinder to one another and likes how close-knit the community of Bradley Beach is.

The last addition to our staff is Ms. Amanda Lapa who is the new school counselor and was a teacher in Newark before she went to get her masters in school counseling. She has a caring, fun, and relatable personality. She has one cat and lives in Howell

. She loves the Yankees and wishes that bullying was no longer a thing, and loves how welcoming everyone is in our town.

Those are our new staff at BBES this year and we hope to see them in the years to come!

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