Staying Cheer-ful

By Emely Herrera-Montoya and Mairelys Ramirez Montoya 


Although this year’s cheerleading season was cut short, it was so fun while it lasted!

 With 22 cheerleaders, this was the largest squad we’ve ever had at BBES. We had five captains: Gerlinde Dunnican, Ashley O’Neill, Lizbeth Quiroz, Jennifer Martinez, and Brenda Herrera.

Our coach for the past six years, Mrs. Alisyn Morder, was on maternity leave. (Her beautiful baby daughter Maggie was born on November 14.) So Mrs. Nichole Covert took over.

Mrs. Covert said, “It was my pleasure to coach the cheerleading squad this year. The captains really stepped up and helped me as a first-time coach. We learned a new lift and started to learn a new dance, but our season was cut short. The best part of the season for me was getting to know the girls outside of the classroom. Go Breakers!”

This year the squad had an opportunity to go to the boys’ basketball playoff game at Brielle School. It was the first time our school sent cheerleaders to an away game. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, a lot of great things planned for the season were canceled, like the Monmouth County Athletic League Exhibition and the Memorial Day Parade. 

Next year, we’re going to miss our eighth-grade captains very much. But, in more cheerful news, Mrs. Morder said she will be back next year to coach alongside Mrs. Covert.



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