Is Green-and-Gold Gone?

By Lillian McClaren

Are the Bradley Beach Elementary School colors — green and gold — changing to blue and white? A lot of people have been asking. Well, here are some perspectives from three top people who know:

Liza Flynn, school board member

I know there has been a lot of confusion about the school colors. I am wearing the blue BBES shirt as I am writing this. Historically BBES has used green and gold as its colors. We are called The Breakers like the wave, but waves are blue and white. As for right now, we will be changing everything except for the athletic uniforms to the color blue. The reason that the sports teams are staying green and gold is because it would be very expensive to buy new uniforms all at once. We would also have to pay to have the entire gym repainted. To answer your question, green and gold is here to stay … for athletics, at least, for now.”

Morgan Maclearie-Gonzalez, director of curriculum and instruction:    

 “Not 100% there. The website reflects the colors in our logo! Do you like them?”

(What I said was, “Yes they look great!”)

Alison Zylinski, supervisor of special services:

“Good question!!  I do not think there has been a direct statement indicating our colors are changing, but our adoption of our blue-colored BBES logo was probably the start of the ‘wave’ of changing our colors. Pun intended.  Although, to fully change the school colors requires many resources, such as money and time, as our whole gym is gold & green and sports uniforms are gold & green. Our new colors would be light blue/blue/white if the change is made officially. Right now I like to think we are honoring both color patterns.  Hope this helps!”

So you heard it here: green and gold are here to stay, along with blue and white, (for now).

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