Meet our Student Council Members

By Kaitlynn Cook

Have you ever wondered about our Student Council members for 2022-23? Here’s all you need to know about Molly Flynn, Nora Weber, Bob Foy, and Jalil Bessellieu.

Molly Flynn, 5th-grade representative. She was in The Tides School Newspaper Club last year and this year she is in cheer, The Tides, and drums. She told me that a good leader works well in a team, is brave, and is a very good listener. She says, “I have some but not all of them.” She wants to improve the hallways and … she wants to be representative to share the ideas the kids in 5th grade have. So if you are a fifth grader, reach out to Molly with your good ideas.

Nora Weber, 6th-grade representative. She is in Safety Patrol, band, soccer, and basketball and last year she did basketball, softball, Garden and Environmental Clubs. She is now the 6th-grade representative so she can listen to everyone and fix the bigger problems in our school. She wants to help change things like kindness and fix up the cafeteria. To her, a good leader is respectful, a good listener, helpful, observant, and able to talk to others. She doesn’t think she is a very observant person but thinks has the other traits.

Bob Foy, is vice president. He is in the Student Council and thinking about joining us right here in The Tides. He wanted to improve recess by adding a seesaw and helping give recess back, he is hoping people will vote on it. He believes a good leader has to be honest and be a good person. He says he has a decent percentage of each of these traits.

Jalil Bessellieu, president. He is in Safety Patrol, Bleacher Breakers, and Student Council, last year he was in Safety Patrol, Guitar Ensemble, and Student Council as vice president. He wants to change the school for the better. He will listen to your ideas and will be a positive leader.

So now that you know them a little bit better, keep an eye out for your Student Council members and let them know what you think.

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