Logan Caldwell: Kid Hero

By Iyanna Smith

More and more stories of youth doing amazing things are being told. And it’s nice to know that even in a small town like Bradley, those big changes can still be seen. This story is about a hero of our own: 14-year-old Logan Caldwell.

On February 6, the Kremen family of Brinley Avenue in Bradley Beach had a serious scare. Ninety-year-old Rose Kremen fell in the bathroom. Her son, Mark Kremen and his wife, were out of town for work, but Mr. Kremen called a physical therapist, who stayed with his mother to make sure she was OK. Later on, a family member arrived to check on her during lunch, and all seemed well.

They did not know that the fall was more serious than it seemed. It had caused internal bleeding in Mrs. Kremen’s brain, referred to as an intracranial hemorrhage. This can cause a lack of balance or coordination and changes in a person’s level of alertness, which is most likely the reason why Mrs. Kremen decided to go outside onto the porch that afternoon, something she’d never normally do. She ended up falling again at about 3:20 PM.

Luckily though, school had just ended and eighth-grader Logan Caldwell was making his way home. Mrs. Kremen called out to Logan in her time of need and he took action. He made sure she was okay and called 911 on his cellphone. Logan may have saved Mrs. Kremen’s life, Mr. Kremen said. She was rushed to hospital and given medicine that stopped the bleeding. Every minute counted, he said.

“I think he did a brave and honorable thing,” Mr. Kremen said. “Some kids may have been scared, may not have done anything, maybe would have kept walking, who knows? But to stop and help out like that is brave.”

The family, who have a daughter Kayley in second grade at BBES, were so grateful for Logan’s good deed that they visited the Board of Education, the Police Department, and Town Hall to give their thanks. They also donated to Logan’s Washington D.C. fundraiser.

Logan has made a point to go back and visit Mrs. Kremen a few times at home.

“It was very special for him to come and do that,” Mr. Kremen commented.

For all of us at BBES who know Logan, it was no surprise. Thanks, Logan for being our hero!IMG_1048

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