Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Updates: Something to Look Forward To!

By Sullivan Johnson and Vincent Bianchi

Axolotl, stalagmites, frightening mobs, and magic plants will be some of the new additions to the world of Minecraft this summer in a caves and cliffs update that lots of people are talking about.

According to PCGames.com, Mojang announced the updates in October at a Minecraft Live event. Mojang is the company that launched Minecraft in 2009.

Here is what we know: 

  • They will add new mobs (this basically means creatures) such as wardens, axolotl, goats, and glow squid.
  • There will be new cliffs with stalagmites and stalactites. 
  • There will be new blocks (units that are used for building) such as copper, amethyst, and lush leaves.
  • There will be lush caves which will have leaves, flora, and axolotl.

Other interesting updates include glow berries that can be picked and eaten. There are also spore blossoms which you can put on walls, floors, and ceilings. There will be dripleaf plants that you can stand on, but the leaves will droop and you will eventually fall through them (the leaves will fully recover). There is a dripstone biome and there are stalagmites and stalactites. Stalagmites are like spikes and can damage you, mobs, and your friend’s health. Stalactites go on ceilings and drop water. You can place a bucket underneath them to get water. Stalactites also drop lava, so that’s a good source of lava. Axolotl, which are a type of salamander, are found in the lush caves. They’re really cute! Axolotl also have the cutest yawns! There are goats, which jump really high. If you annoy them too much, they will ram you off the mountain. A warden’s aim is to just put you in your worst nightmare. Sculk blocks are a redstone-like power source. They are our key to wireless redstone. A sculk sensor detects footsteps, or when you destroy or place blocks. These can be used to operate gadgets without a redstone trail connecting them. You can use wool to prevent the signal from going through, meaning that you can ensure the trigger only activates the signal between sculk signals and contraptions.  

Interview with Vincent:

Q: What will you be doing with the new update? 

A: Create a new world and maybe see all the new blocks and mobs.

Q: How much exp (experience) do you think the warden will drop? 

A: I think what the warden will drop probably be amethyst and a ton of exp probably until you’re next two levels.

Q: Will you make a parkour map? 

A: Yes, I think I’m gonna make a hardcore parkour map and use the stalagmites because they damage people, and it would fit perfectly.

The updates look very cool to us. We want to build a scary house parkour map with it. We want to use stalagmites and maybe put the stalagmites in lava. We will call it “DOOMSDAY.” We will also add some cobwebs,  and if you caught it,  the genre is horror. That’s right! We will make a haunted house. We will also make Undertale parkour and we will call it “UNDERTALE PARKOUR.” The last world we are going to make is a moon since you can’t actually travel to the moon in Minecraft.We will call it “MOONCRAFT.” It will involve crafting, mining, and, of course, parkour. 

Check out the new updates this summer and let us know what you think in the comments!

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