Best Pizza Around — Read it and Drool

Reporters here at The Tides are always talking about food. Some of us have pretty strong opinions about who has the best pizza in the area. Below, find five different recommendations to satisfy every taste. Warning: this article will make you hungry!

Reye’s N.Y. Style Pizza

By Aidan Murphy

The best pizza place I have ever eaten at is definitely Reye’s N.Y. Style Pizza. It is located at 1617 Main Street, Belmar. Reye’s is a family business and the owners’ sons and nephews work there. My favorite meal to get there is the pepperoni stromboli with the stretchy mozzarella cheese and dripping sauce. Another favorite of mine is the penne with vodka sauce that comes with a salad and bread. Of course the pizza is delicious and if you want you can get just one slice. If you go to their website you will see that Reye’s has  a 4.4-star rating. Another thing about the family business is that the name Reye’s is actually their last name. One cool thing about Reye’s Pizza is that they also do catering if you are having a special event. One crazy fact about Reye’s Pizza is not only do they serve Italian food but they also serve stuff like burgers, seafood, and soup. All in all, if you ever feel like having pizza I recommend Reye’s Pizza because they have great food.


By Max Gast

My favorite pizza place is Vic’s Italian Restaurant right here in Bradley Beach. They’re located at 60 Main Street between Bagel International and D’Arcy Tavern. They have reviews that add up to 4.6 stars. Aside from pizza, they have a lot of other items on the menu. I haven’t really eaten anything there except pizza but I can give an amazing review on their pizza. Vic’s doesn’t do delivery, but since it’s local you can just pick it up, which is sort of a downside in Covid times. The pizza makes up for it though! The pizza has an even spread of ingredients. It also has quite a bit of grease as well. The pizza is kind of small but if you order a large one it’s normally fine. They serve thin crust pizza and have many ingredients. That is why I think Vic’s Italian Restaurant has the best pizza in the area.      

Now, a brief history of the restaurant. Vic’s was created by Vittorio “Vic” Giunco. Vic and his wife, Carmella immigrated from Italy and moved to Bradley Beach in the 1910’s. Vic started many businesses but shortly after the age of prohibition, in 1933, Vic started a restaurant named “Vic’s Tap Room.” In 1940, business was booming so Vic decided to buy a larger piece of land at the south end of Bradley Beach and after World War II, in 1947, he created Vic’s Bar and Restaurant, the Vic’s we know today. (Source:


By Felix Gregory

My favorite pizza is an oven pizza from Wegmans. The thick soft crust is amazing, and the pepperoni is just perfect. Even though it takes 45 minutes to cook, it is worth it. It has the best mixture of tomato sauce and cheese. This is a small pizza, but two slices is good enough, I believe. This was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.

Del Ponte’s

By Jordyn DeJesus

My favorite pizza place is Del Ponte’s because they use the freshest ingredients and cook it in a brick oven. It is located on the corner of Main Street and Brinley Ave. My family gets the Margarita pie and the Vinny pie. The Vinny pie has sausage, mozzarella, ricotta, and pesto. I pick the sausage off because I don’t like it. The Margarita pie is fresh mozzarella cheese and basil. There are many more. The takeout at Del Ponte’s is pretty quick — about 15 minutes. When you dine in, they take it right out of the oven and they always bring it to you the warmest and freshest. 


By Evan Hofsess

My favorite pizza place is Maurizio’s Pizza located off of Route 66 in Neptune. I always order the plain pie with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. It has a thin crust, and the top layer of cheese is slightly salty in a good way. The bottom of the dough is perfectly toasted. There is a hint of oregano buried in the sauce overlapping the taste of sauce. Overall, this pizza is great and all of the flavors burst in your mouth. I highly recommend going to Maruizio’s Pizza. 

The owner of Maurizio’s is actually named Maurizio. He was born in Sicily, Italy. They have a wide selection of pizza, ziti, manicotti, and a lot more! Maurizio’s does travel well and tastes fine even if you heat it up. They did close their eating area because of Covid-19, but it would be better to eat it fresh. If you like take out and want an option to eat, I would recommend Maurizio’s Pizza!

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