Fidget Toys: A Review

By Molly Flynn and Lillian McClaren

Do you have stress? Well here are some fidgets to relieve your stress. We love fidgets, so here is a fidget review! (Also these are just our personal opinions). If you’re wondering what a fidget is, a fidget is something you let your stress out on. You can use a stress ball, you squish it, and your stress is gone. 

Acupressure Rings

Acupressure rings are small rings made with thin wire. To play with them, you slide them around your finger. You can get them in many colors. You can get them on Amazon, Learning Express, and many other stores. Now, most people really like these, but from my personal experience, it was not so great. Firstly, it cut my thumb, and also it could cut off circulation if the ring is too small. But sometimes it does feel nice, especially if your finger is cramped up. 

Bun Stress Balls

Bun stress balls are stress balls that feel like they’re filled with foamy glue. They come in a traditional Asian food container and they are shaped and colored like a bun. I would give these 9/10. They are super squishy and great for stress. They are super cute and actually me (Molly) and my family made homemade buns, and I switched out the real bun for the fake one and it was super hilarious. The only downside is that they get dirty easily.

Flamingo Popit

If you don’t already know what a popit is, Wikipedia says it’s a “Silicone tray with pokable bubbles.” And this one was shaped like a flamingo. I give this a 10/10. It is super soft and the bubbles actually stay down. It is the cutest and super relaxing.


Globbies are a textured stress ball with Orbeez inside, if you don’t know what Orbeez are well, Orbeez are these beads that grow with water they are kind of like water beads. I give this an 8/10. It is easy to squish and it’s SUPER soft. The bad things are that it’s easily breakable and it picks up dirt and hair very quickly.


Mochis are small, rubbery, squishy animals like pandas, elephants, and turtles and food like hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizzas. I would give these a 7.5/10. They can be super cute and squishy. They are also adorable to collect. The cons are, again, they get dirty easily and some people don’t consider them fidgets.

Fidget Cubes 

Fidget cubes are small cubes that have many different sensory items on each side. I give them a 9/10. Fidget cubes can be noisy, quiet, and both at the same time. They also are super relaxing. The cons are you can get pinched and some of the sides can get stuck easily. 

Monkey Noodles

Monkey noodles are small, rubber cylinders. I give these a 6/10. They are fun to swing and stretch. The cons are you can get hurt if you swing them too fast and they get boring. Also, they get dirty easily.

I hope this was entertaining and you were persuaded to buy some fidgets.


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