The Owl House: A Review

By Elizabeth Peña Martinez

You all know about those fantasy stories where the main character lives in a magical world and defeats wizards and witches, like  Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Ever After HighShera and the Princess, etc. Well, this one is different. It is so peculiar that it is not to be believed. It seems like a dream. If this has caught your attention, please continue reading.

The story starts with our main character whose name is Luz. She is a girl obsessed with fantasy, anime, and magic. One day she is called to the office of her school because of her quirkiness and is told that if she keeps this up she will be sent to a camp to keep her in line like the rest of her peers. Of course, she messes up and is immediately packed up for summer camp. As she is saying goodbye to her mom, she throws away her favorite book. When her mom leaves, she tries to get it back from the trash can, but it is nowhere to be found. She looks around and sees an odd little owl with a bag filled with many lost things and her book. The owl flies away, and Luz chases after him into an old warehouse deep in the woods. Inside are piles of old and new lost things like crystals, books, toys, and a whole lot of stuff. She opens the flap on the other side of the room. The sun’s light beams against her, and when her vision becomes focused, she sees the owl and her book. She sees someone there in front of her that doesn’t look “normal.”  As soon as Luz looks up, she knows she is no longer in our world. She sees a lady holding her book near a flaming candle. Luz runs and snatches her book back, but as soon as she reaches the doorknob, the door magically disappears into the lady’s suitcase. The lady looks at her, and says, “You’re not going anywhere.”

This scene left me a bit surprised. I was questioning, where is she? Who is that lady? Why does she look like that? What is going to happen to Luz? I had questions that were soon answered in the episode. I don’t want to spoil it as much as I have already done, but this show does leave you questioning what is going to happen next and it breaks some stereotypes.

The Owl House features characters we are not used to seeing from Disney: people of color and queer characters. For example, the main character, Luz, is 14 and of Dominican descent. She is attracted to both boys and girls. This show has a good way of representing many different kinds of people out there without pushing it that much into the story. 

In January, the show was nominated for a 2022 GLAAD Media Award for outstanding kids and family programming. GLAAD is the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, a media-monitoring group.

For some time there was only one completed season and a half-completed season, but after a very long period of time, the second part of season 2 was released and can be watched on the Owl House Club Net online. It will be updated every Saturday until further notice. 

If you would like to watch this series, please do. It is an amazing show with a bunch of good characters and mysteries.


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