A Fan’s Guide to Stranger Things

By Olivia Bagdanov

Imagine biking home with your friend. He challenges you to a race, so you go ahead just to be greeted by a seven-foot-tall dark shadow that takes you away into a different dimension.

Have you watched the top 10 rated shows on Netflix, Stranger Things? This popular show just had a season 4, which came out on May 27, 2022. Not so long after that, part two of season 4 came out. Stranger Things has a total of 34 episodes.

The show is about four young boys who find a girl in the woods. Little do they know she has psychokinetic and telepathic powers. Not so long after finding her, they discover a portal to a different dimension that has monsters and dangerous vines like in Dungeons and Dragons, a board game that the boys play. 

Now let me tell you more about the characters, Max, Lucas, Will, Mike, Dustin, and Eleven. Eleven is a girl who got tested in a lab. For example, she was forced to practice every day on her powers to make her stronger. She has trouble talking since no one taught her words in the lab she was in, but she can understand most words being spoken to her.

Next, there is Will Byers. Will is a kind, artistic boy, who grew up with his brother Jonathan and his mom Joyce. His dad was abusive to him when he was younger and left. The show hints that Will has a crush on his best friend Mike Wheeler, but this takes place in the 1980s so he is horrified to come out.

 Next is Mike Wheeler. He is Eleven’s love interest. He cares a lot about his best friend Will and helps him through tough times. But Mike also has trouble expressing his feelings to those he loves. He’s very smart and is usually leading his group. 

Next are Lucas and Max. They are love interests and always help each other out. Lucas wants to be a popular kid but can’t fit in. While on the other hand, Max’s mental health is horrible and she tries to stay away from everyone close to her, due to past trauma. 

Now, here’s Dustin. He’s a funny character who is smiling most of the time. In season 4, some sad things happen to him, which makes me believe that in season 5 he’s not going to be that happy. Lastly, the villain of the show, Vecna. He’s the best villain I’ve ever seen in a show. You may be asking yourself, “Why would they think a villain is the best character?” I have an answer. Not only is he a very attractive villain but he is extremely smart. Vecna’s backstory is also very interesting, I won’t spoil it though! 

Talking about season 5… it will be coming out in about 2 years, but it’s not confirmed. Here are my predictions. I think there will be a lot of deaths, and there will be a spy for one of the main villains. 

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