Student Council News

A report by the Student Council president, Jalil Bessellieu

What a year the student council has had so far! From board meetings to spirit weeks, the Student Council has been hard at work. The year started with elections of new representatives for each 5th to 8th-grade class as of October 19, 2022.

We had some very challenging opponents like Kayleigh Cook, Aidan Murphy, Calvin Barratt, and Krystal Juarez Guzman. We each gave a campaign speech explaining why we were the best pick. We had the opportunity to set up posters in the hallways for encouragement. Overall it was a fun competition. 

The following students won the election: me, President Jalil Bessellieu, an 8th grader who previously served as vice-president from 2021-October 2022; Vice-President Bob Foy, a bright 7th grader who previously served as 6th-grade representative; Sixth-Grade Representative Nora Weber, an intelligent all-rounder who served as a 5th-grade representative last year;  and finally, Fifth-Grade Representative Molly Flynn, who is smart and very fitting for this role.

Under the leadership of Miss Acerra and Mrs. Covert, the Student Council has hosted two spirit weeks so far, one in October and one in December. It was a fun experience so that we could celebrate being drug-free and show off our own individual style. I saw people twinning, showing off their crazy hair, wearing their PJs, wearing red, and showing that they’ve got spirit by wearing BBES merch/colors. On Halloween, students got to come to school in their costumes. In December, students showed off some really cool holiday spirit. There were kids wearing holiday hats, their sharp formal wear and so much more.

We had our first dance of the year on October 14th, 2022. There was pizza, snacks, fun games, and awesome music. Students played against Mr. Heidelberg in a few Connect 4 games which was pretty fun. We can’t forget about the fire alarm that was set off due to the smoke machine running. Fun fact: This was the first Fall dance since COVID. There are still more dances to come, so stay updated with your morning announcements.

In other news, last year the Student Council approached the Board of Education requesting that they order more outdoor tables so that we could have outdoor lunch and more outdoor activities. As of September this year, those tables have been delivered and placed with the others by the middle school playground and next to the old preschool building. At first, there were three tables, and now we have six. I had the honor of approaching the board yet again to give a report and show our appreciation for ordering the tables. The report caught the attention of a reporter from The Coast Star newspaper, and he wrote about it in a newspaper article. How cool is that?

On Friday, January 6th, the student council made an exciting announcement that we were going to be hosting a schoolwide project based on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I sent out a video explaining the Dove of Peace project. The goal was for all students to write what peace means to them. I also explained ways that we can honor Dr. King. For example, the kids in younger grades could clean their rooms or do the dishes for their mom. The kids in upper grades could arrange a beach cleanup or a park cleanup. All of these are based on honoring Dr. King and keeping his legacy alive. The Doves of Peace were hung in BBES hallways a powerful reminder of what peace means to children.

The Student Council has plenty more to come in the future. Our 25 members come together twice a month to discuss ideas and things that students may like for improvement both for the school and for fun. 

Let us know in the comments if you have any ideas you would like to share.


  • Congratulations on all of your efforts. It is so rewarding to see your school spirit and pride! The Board of Education is proud to support your ideas.


  • Jalil, this is a great report on all the team efforts the student council has undertaken this year! Great job being a leader for the student council and all the students at BBES!


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