Cheerleaders Fly High

By Molly Flynn

Have you ever seen high-flying, confident BBES cheerleaders? This year’s cheer team was super-duper fun and engaging. In my opinion, halftime was the most entertaining and exceptional part. In this article, I will do a Q&A with some captains, newcomers, and coaches. But first, let me give you some information on what the cheer team is about and who’s in it.

The cheer team this year consisted of Ashley, Aaliyah, Jade, Lily, Molly (me), Mylee, Lucia, Leah, Kayleigh, Brianna, Bella, Kirra, Nancy, and Allison. This year’s cheer coaches were the same as last year, Mrs. Covert and Ms. Soriano. 

What the cheer team does is cheer for the basketball team. When we cheer, we shout words, move our hands in a certain way, and move our feet in a certain way, like claps and shaking our pompoms. If you want to join cheer, you have to be in 5th grade and up, and really anyone can join. We only cheer at home games (there were 17 this year) and events like the open house. We have an amazing halftime show that usually consists of a couple dances, lifts, and baskets. This year I tried a new stunt where I stand on one leg and do a heel stretch. Baskets are when a flier is thrown up into the air and then caught. 

Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for…The Q&A’s!

Mrs. Covert

Q: How do you think the cheer team did this year?

A: I think the cheer team did amazing! More than half of our team was new this year and they did a great job!

Q: What are the pros and cons of being a cheer coach?

A: The pros of being a cheer coach are getting to see the students in a different setting and cheering for the bball teams of course! I wouldn’t say this is a con, but the biggest challenge is managing a wide range of ages (5-8 graders).

Q: How long have you been a coach?

A: I have been a cheer coach at BBES since 2019. 

Lillian McClaren (a new cheerleader)

Q: Are you happy with how the cheer team turned out?

A: Yes, I’m super happy with how the cheer team turned out. It was super fun because we got to make friends and we saw some exciting games.

Q: Out of all the cheers, which one is your favorite?

A: “We Believe” because it’s very loud and we move a lot.

Leah Twerell (a captain)

Q: What is it like being captain?

A: I really like being captain! It is a really exciting part of cheer, I love getting to teach the 

younger cheer kids or the new people in cheer.

Q: How do you feel the cheer team did this year?

A: I feel the cheer team is amazing this year, the best ever! I loved the halftime dance, I    

really felt like the cheer team was a positive and uplifting team that helped each other

when needed. Also, I think the cheer team next year is in good hands.

Q: What’s your favorite part about cheer?

A: My favorite part about cheer is getting to perform all the games and say all the cheers 

but I mostly love how close everyone gets throughout the season and years. All 

the memories we make really stay with us.

As you can tell, everyone was pleased to have a super amazing team this year. The cheer team worked very hard on everything they learned. I hope you enjoyed this and got to know a little more about the cheer team. GO BREAKERS!!!!


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