Student Council Elections Tomorrow!

By Max Gast

The Student Council elections are tomorrow, and since the candidates gave their speeches Wednesday, it’s the perfect time for us to fill you in. Maybe you’ve seen a poster or two, or even one ended up on your locker. Nevertheless, here’s everything you need to know about who’s running this election season.

This year’s elections are different because students who win these elections (for positions in grades five to eight) will be sworn in next year. This means eighth graders can’t vote, and fourth graders can run.

Let’s start with who’s running for fifth-grade representative. Fourth graders Darwin Ortiz and Alexi Quiroz Hernandez are vying for the spot. Both delivered great speeches as first-timers, stepping in big with their goals, ambitions, and what they planned to accomplish as future class representatives.

Running unopposed for sixth-grade class representative is Tides writer Molly Flynn, who urged people to not vote for her because she’s their only option, but because of her immense responsibility and commitment to the position.

Next up are three brand new Student Council positions – Recreation Center representative, secretary, and treasurer. Students may hold both a class rep position and one of these new jobs.

Running for Rec Center rep. are sixth graders Teagan Caldwell and Kayley Kremen. Caldwell and Kremen stated in their speech what they planned to do in their position, with Kremen stating that she would try and get more after-school activities at the Rec Center, and Caldwell claiming that she would help get better recreational equipment and more sports at the Rec Center, especially considering her dad is on the Rec. Board.

Running unopposed as secretary is fifth grader, Krystal Juarez Guzman, who had a very confident speech that highlighted to the student body that she would make a good treasurer.

Next, running for the treasurer seat are fourth-grader Darwin Ortiz and sixth-grader Calvin Barret, whom we’ll get back to in just a second. Barret’s speech was focused on proving to the crowd why he would make a good treasurer, going as far as to bring up his math grades. He also explained what he’d do with the school’s budget. Ortiz’s speech was a confident explanation of what he would do if he was made treasurer, and what he would want to do about budgeting.

The position with the most competition is vice-president. The VP seat is being sought by three sixth graders: Brynn Hopf, Nora Weber, and Calvin Barret. All of their speeches were about their main goals if they became VP. Some included making hallways prettier, others were about the cafeteria. The interesting thing, though, was that Nora Weber was endorsed by presidential candidate Sophia Maffet, and Calvin was endorsed by presidential candidate Bob Foy, both of whom we are about to talk about.

Finally, we reach the long-awaited presidential race fought by Sophia Maffet and Bob Foy, both with lots of Student Council experience. Maffet gave a great speech about her confidence as president and why she would be fit for the role. Along with that, she talked about why she could be a leader of the school and what she wanted to do as president. At the end of her speech, Maffet shouted out Nora Weber. Foy had a moving speech where he introduced himself and talked about his history in past elections. He talked about his goals, which included touching up the cafeteria and classrooms. Foy shouted out Calvin Barret at the end of his speech.

Now that you know about the candidates, be ready this Friday, May 19, 2023, for Election Day. Make sure to comment with your thoughts below and subscribe to The Tides School Newspaper for updates.

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